Man sets himself on fire in Senegal - Is the Tunisia/Egypt syndrome spreading?

Following my blog entry about the prospects for revolutions south of the Sahara, there were reports this morning of a man setting himself on fire, right in front of the presidential palace in Dakar, Senegal. According to AFP, citing police and witnesses, the man poured liquid on himself, then lit himself with a lighter. While self-immolation is not common in West Africa, Senegal, like many countries in the region is plagued by rampant corruption, grinding poverty, and a stagnant economy making the daily lives of ordinary people more difficult and unbearable. The man who set himself on fire, according to other witnesses was a former soldier whose pension has not been paid by the government for years.

Nevertheless, Senegal might not be the first country on my list for places in need of change, but the country’s leadership, under President Abdoulai Wade has grown increasingly autocratic, despite a history of peaceful transfers of power. There are  rumors of the president grooming his son to succeed him. Stay tuned for a detailed analysis of this,  and other developments across Africa, including the month long protests in Gabon against President Ali Bongo.