Social Media: A great contributor to civic engagement

[youtube=] Interesting fact: “If Facebook were a country it would be ranked third largest”, says Social Media Today. That’s incredible. There are around 1 billion people who are active Internet users and now, with social media, more people are willing to address public concerns. Nowadays, there is an increasing possibility for civic engagement through social media websites. This gives us all the opportunity to take on leadership roles – to become leaders of our communities, our opinions, and our information. It gives us a voice that can bypass citizenship, age, ethnicity, social status, education, and all other factor that can threaten the unity of a group.

Just as we are doing with this blog, many use social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Wordpress, as a platform for interaction and to voice opinions. As David Burstein says in the video above, young people “are the unique creators and consumers of this technology” and we found ways to use it to get our peers to civically engage (finally a positive act of peer pressure). This is important because we are the generation that is going to move things forward by creating the change that this world desperately needs.