Dr. Anita Hill inspires the class on 2018 to be the generation that "gets the work done" in CCNY 2018 commencement speech.

Anita Hill 2018.jpg

We started the month of June commending the 2018 graduates on all of their hard work over the years. 

As we begin the month of July, we wanted to start by taking a look back to Anita Hill's inspiring speech where she was awarded the Doctrine of Humane Letters Honoris Causa by President Vincent Boudreau. 

During Dr. Hill's inspiring speech, she told students to "savor the moment, savor the day" of achieving this great accomplishment.

Dr. Hill gave great testimony to how she herself is a descendant of immigrants and that their "enslavement was not a choice". She gave students a background into her life, her experiences and tells the tale of wisdom gained from her English teacher, Mrs. Young and her mother. 

Dr. Hill encourages the 2018 graduate class to continue to support each other as peers, emotionally and financially and calls the 2018 graduate class, the greatest generation of the 21st century. 

Click HERE to watch her inspiring speech.