Art of New Media

[vimeo] Not many people may consider Twitter or Facebook an art form, but consider for a moment some of the effects new media is having on the world.  These new outlets of human experience are providing an important dimension of art to the  typically detached technological realm: inter-connectivity.  In its most unadulterated form, the second by second documentation of everything from the banal to the revolutionary of new media is an awe-inspiring diary of our times.   And those who are looking to create change or awareness have at their fingertips access to the widest audience willing to provide sympathy, support, and dialogue than has ever been available before.

It is that ability to communicate a commonality of experience that compels an audience to engage and react that is so artful about new media.  That is also precisely the goal of Dance Iquail!, an organization that uses the emotional power of dance as a form of community outreach.  In the words of the founder, in the video above,  the purpose of the program through performances, workshops, and lectures is to show, "how I dealt with my experiences that somebody could be healed, or how someone else dealt with their experience that I could learn from". Certainly, the performances highlighted in the video underscore that point;  but the only way you (the reader) and I are able to hear Dance Iquail!'s story today is through the power and distribution of new media.  So here I think we are demonstrating a dynamic and persuasive new partnership: the universally emotional response to the message of the age-old media of Dance, now able to be experienced worldwide  thanks to the art of New Media.