The United States Has a National-Security Problem-and It's Not What You Think by Rajan Menon


CCNY Political Science Professor Rajan Menon talks the more apparent and important threats to the American life than conflict abroad on The Nation

The Nation is one of the oldest published weekly magazines in the United States. It is one of the most widely read journals that cover progressive political and cultural news, opinion, and analysis.

In this piece, Professor Menon discusses how for most Americans their biggest threats when it comes to their security is actually internal. 

For millions of Americans, however, the greatest threat to their day-to-day security isn’t terrorism or North Korea, Iran, Russia, or China. It’s internal—and economic.
— Rajan Menon, Political Science Professor

Professor Menon talks about how now 43.1 million Americans now classify as poor by the government's criteria and what is behind the idea of the "Working Poor" and "The Wages of Poverty." 

This piece is not only engaging but puts into context that the real conflicts of most Americans, are the conflicts happening in their own homes. 

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