Professor Rajan Menon featured in editorial: The flip side to America's (and Alabama's) upbeat job news

For tens of millions of Americans, the source of deep workaday insecurity isn’t the standard roster of foreign enemies, but an ever-more entrenched system of inequality, still growing, that stacks the political deck against the least well-off Americans. The lack the bucks to hire big-time lobbyists. They can’t write lavish checks to candidates running for public office of fund PACs. They have no way of manipulating the myriad influence-generating networks that the elite uses to shape taxation and spending policies. They are up against a system in which money truly does talk - and that’s the voice they don’t have. 
— Professor Rajan Menon

Professor Rajan Menon featured in the The Anniston Star this week discusses the alternate side to the optimistic job market. 

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