P.A. 'L.A.N.T.E visits CCNY

Today, CCNY hosted P.A.'L.A.N.T.E. in the NAC ballroom. P.A.'L.A.N.T.E stands for People Against Landlord Abuse & Tenant Exploitation. This organization, based in Harlem, organizes and provides residents of New York City the tools and information to hold landlord and property managers accountable for any and all unsafe living conditions. 

They use their tools of community advocacy, outreach, organizing tenant associations, technical assistance and connecting individuals and tenant groups to free or reduced-rate legal services and a multitude of housing benefits, to empower NYC residents to speak out against bad housing conditions and provide tangible solutions to help during housing issues.

Their mission "To reduce poverty and advocate for safe housing by organizing, education and empowering residents. We are committed to supporting communities and to preserving our quality of life, our health and our personal safety by assisting tenants when their rights have been violated and by assisting tenants when their rights have been violated and by holding unresponsive owners accountable"' is displayed throughout the various programs and events the organization offers. 

To find out more on P.A.'L.A.N.T.E. and how you can get involved in your community when it comes to solving housing issues, click HERE